AnswerStat Editorial Calendar and Deadlines

Upcoming Issues of AnswerStat, the information hub for healthcare contact center news and resources

December 2020:
Feature Focus: Revisiting Work at Home Contact Center Work
Deadline: November 26
Issue Sent: December 1

February 2021:
Feature Focus: Using the Contact Center instead of the ED
Deadline: January 28
Issue Sent: February 2

April 2021:
Feature Focus: Future outlook for healthcare contact centers
Deadline: April 1
Issue Sent: April 6

June 2021:
Feature Focus: Telehealth’s role in the future of healthcare
Deadline: May 27
Issue Sent: Jun 1

August 2021:
Feature Focus: Medical answering services and telephone triage
Deadline: July 29
Issue Sent: August 3

October 2021:
Feature Focus: Using call center technology to enhance healthcare
Deadline: September 30
Issue Sent: October 5

December 2021:
Feature Focus: Looking forward to opportunities in 2022
Deadline: December 2
Issue Sent: December 7

February 2022:
Feature Focus: How call centers can reduce healthcare costs
Deadline: January 27
Issue Sent: February 1

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