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Working with a Health Coach, by Peter L DeHaan, PhD
A friend recently switched his healthcare insurance. His new provider declared his weight was an issue and charged him a premium. They also provided a health coach…read more

The Obesity Epidemic – Part I, by Traci Haynes, MSN, RN, BA, CEN
During the last three decades, the prevalence of individuals being overweight or obese has increased significantly in both the United States and globally. In June 2013, the American Medical Association (AMA) officially recognized obesity as a disease…read more

Vendor Spotlight: LVM Systems
From its start in 1988, LVM Systems’ exclusive objective has been to help healthcare call centers help the patients they serve. This focused emphasis on the needs of healthcare call centers has enabled LVM to become a leading vendor in this niche…read more

Remaining Objective on Difficult Triage Calls
By Ravi Raheja, MD
As a healthcare professional, providing quality care to patients is the number one priority. Most patients are friendly and thankful for the advice and care given, but occasionally a caller can be angry, frustrated, or rude…read more.

A Future Look at Triage Call Centers
A reliable healthcare model for value and outcomes versus volume and revenues
By Mark Dwyer
Imagine the year is 2030…read more.

Achieving Healthcare Data Security in the Contact Center
HITRUST CSF certification will become the standard for contact centers in the healthcare market
By Brandon Harvath
Data security breaches are rampant in today’s complex technological environment. According to the Office of Civil Rights (OCR), healthcare data breach numbers are staggering…read more.

Ten years ago in AnswerStat:
Post Discharge Calling, by Mary Jo Gorman, M.D.
Hospital care doesn’t need to end upon discharge. Nor should it. That is why there is a growing recognition that it is incumbent upon the hospital…read more.

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