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Medical Apps and their “Application” in the Clinical Contact or Monitoring Center, by Traci Haynes , MSN, RN, BA, CEN
Mobile technology is growing exponentially. Hardly a day goes by when there isn’t information on a new medical app for mobile devices. Clinicians use them in their practice to increase efficiency in providing patient care and to effectively explain information to their patients.  read more >>

Vital Signs: Healthcare Uncertainty and Optimism, by Peter L DeHaan, PhD
The healthcare industry in the United States exists in uncertain times. What does the future hold? Will the status quo prevail, along with its current problems, trending issues, and looming concerns? Or will we experience…   read more >>

Vendor Spotlight: TriageLogic Expands Telehealth’s Reach to Help Your Employees
TriageLogic believes no one should delay care because physicians are unavailable or the ER is too expensive. Earlier this year, TriageLogic launched a new product, Continuwell, to provide telehealth services to a wider market.   read more >>

Guest Editorial: Do Mobile Apps Belong in Telephone Triage? by Mark Dwyer
I see a number of scenarios where having access to a mobile app or other software-based solution offers a real benefit to the consumer and a natural tie-in to today’s nurse triage call center. Look at a few functions commonly used today in telephone triage call centers to which…   read more >>

Mobile Apps and Telehealth: Another Channel for Reaching Your Audience, by Sue Altman-Riffel
Healthcare contact centers have acted as the communication and wayfinding hub between their sponsoring organizations and the audiences they serve. In the 1980s there was just one channel for quick communication: the telephone. Things have changed much since then.  read more >>

Medical Call Centers Are Here to Stay, by Gina Tabone, MSN, RNC-TNP
Changes to the American political scene are upon us and most certainly will have an impact on the provision of healthcare. Regardless of party affiliation, there are several healthcare reform objectives that need to remain in the forefront by future government leaders.  read more >>

A Day in the Life of an Offshore Medical Coder, by Dr. Liza Alcances, MD
The life of medical coders is different from clinicians. Weekends are usually free, the shifts are fixed, and there are not a lot of different activities that fill their days. Coders may miss the exciting work of hospital duty, but there is…   read more >>

Ten years ago: Better Call Center Continuity via Home-Based Professionals, by Mary Naylor
Most healthcare call centers have comprehensive continuity and disaster recovery plans to remain operational during unavoidable disruptions, some of which could last beyond the normal lapses traditionally anticipated…  read more >>

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