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When Patient Satisfaction Matters, Consider Contact Center Improvements

When Patient Satisfaction Matters, Consider Contact Center Improvements, by Allison Hart
A call to a hospital’s contact center is sometimes a patient’s first contact with the organization. Investing in contact center optimization is a must for creating a welcoming and satisfactory first impression. Even for patients who are not new to an organization, a hassle-free experience is appreciated… read more >>

Vital Signs: Is Your Call Center a Profit Center or a Cost Center? by Peter Lyle DeHaan, PhD
Even if your call center doesn’t directly handle sales or take phone orders, you can still work to establish yourself as a profit center. It just takes a bit more effort… read more >>

Vendor Spotlight on TriageLogic
Using Data Analytics to Improve Value-Based Care
Providing a quality medical call center that patients can access 24/7 is a great first step in transitioning to value-based care. Providers and hospitals can then gather information from the patient callers to further improve their service while containing costs… read more >>

Guest Column: The Call Center: Coordinating Care and Managing Transitions, by Mark Dwyer
It’s critical that all aspects of the patient’s care be accessible by the call center nurse. A coordinated effort delivered by the call center can improve the coordination of care for numerous individuals while successfully reducing unnecessary costs tied to the delivery of multiple redundant programs… read more >>

Is BPO a Key Enabler in the Push for Better Patient Outcomes? by Anand Natampalli
Today, BPO partners take an active role in helping provider organizations manage change, internally and externally. This puts them in a better position to take advantage of the opportunities found by optimizing patient experience journeys… read more >>

Ten years ago: Increase Employee Retention: Give Them a Dose of Nurses’ Medicine, by LeAnn Thieman
Implementing these ten tips creates a “care plan” that does not coddle employees; instead, it strengthens and empowers them. This transcends to their work, which promotes a positive company culture, increased productivity, promotes creativity, inspires loyalty, and leads to a healthy bottom line… read more >>

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