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April 2019 AnswerStat

Homelessness in America: How Can Your Contact Center Help?, by Traci Haynes
Homeless individuals are at a relatively high risk for a range of acute and chronic physical and mental illnesses. Contact centers can help healthcare organizations address this need.… read more >>

Vital Signs: Provide Meaningful Agent Benefits to Improve Agent Retention, by Peter Lyle DeHaan, PhD
When it comes to retaining call center staff, don’t skimp on benefits. This will increase their loyalty and decrease the likelihood of them leaving for another company that does provide these benefits.… read more >>

Vendor Spotlight on TriageLogic
Providing quality medical call center that patients can access 24/7 is a great first step in transitioning to value-based care. Providers and hospitals can then gather information from callers to further improve their service while containing costs… read more >>

Guest Column: Where Was the Call Center in Our Time of Need? by Mark Dwyer
Why had the hospital not taken the initiative to begin using the call center to support transitional care?… read more >>

Healthcare Call Centers Help Bring Care to the Medically Underserved, by Nicole Limpert
Medical call centers play a critical role in helping to serve the medically underserved, by addressing two of the biggest barriers to healthcare: language and transportation.… read more >>

How Call Centers Can Add Value to Wellness Programs, by Janet Livingston
Wellness programs empower employees to improve their health and help companies hold down costs. To maximize the results of a wellness program, tap a full-service call center to add value.… read more >>

Oklahoma Medical Center Provides Innovative Triage Line to Manage Hospital Overcrowding, by Charu Raheja
Providing local communities with a nurse triage program reduces unnecessary ER visits, saves on healthcare costs, and helps patients get appropriate care when a serious symptom arises.… read more >>

Tips to Selecting a Vendor—Don’t Compromise on Security, by Ravi K. Raheja, MD
Compare vendors before selecting one that will protect your patient data properly. It’s a lot harder to change vendors once you implement a program, so don’t be afraid to dig deeper to find the best system in place for your needs.… read more >>

Ten years ago: Managing Outbreaks: The Technological Approach, by Dr. Jean Challiner
When it comes to dealing with a health pandemic, healthcare call centers can play a key role in reducing its spread.… read more >>

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