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April 2020-Coronavirus and the Healthcare Call Center

Coronavirus and the Healthcare Call Center, by Mark Dwyer
COVID-19 has forced healthcare to look at all aspects of its care delivery system. May we all be the better for it…. read more >>

Vital Signs: Key Tips to Successfully Work from Home, by Peter Lyle DeHaan, PhD
If you find yourself needing to work from home, put these tips into practice to experience a successful, enjoyable, and effective situation…. read more >>

Vendor Spotlight on TriageLogic
Discover what TriageLogic can do for you now in dealing with the coronavirus and later once the COVID-19 crisis has passed…. read more >>

Emergency Medical and Continuity Remote Care Solutions to Address the Coronavirus Outbreak, by Ravi K. Raheja, MD
To better respond to coronavirus concerns, consider emergency solutions that healthcare providers can implement quickly…. read more >>

Ten years ago: Preparing for the Pandemic: A Retrospective Review of a Call Center’s Vital Role, Geri Hammes and Lora Foreman-Krall
A decade ago, we focused on H1N1. Discover how those lessons from yesterday can help us today…. read more >>

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