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Medical Call Centers Are Here to Stay, by Gina Tabone
Changes to the USA political scene are upon us and will most certainly impact the provision of healthcare. Several healthcare reform objectives need to remain in the forefront. Examples include enhancing quality of care, improving interdisciplinary coordination and collaboration, and better utilization of available resources. …  read more >>

Vital Signs: Do You Provide Contact Options For Your Patients? by Peter L DeHaan, PhD
Have you ever had a company ask how you wanted them to contact you? Options might include phone, email, text, fax, mail, or social media private messaging. How well did they do at complying with your request? … read more >>

Vendor Spotlight on Echo, a HealthStream Company
Redeploy Your Legacy Call Center to Transform Patient Experiences
A patient experience contact center serves as a health network’s virtual front door. It delivers personalized, trust-building support, and referrals before a patient receives care and individualized follow-up and coaching after the patient returns home. Unlike a legacy call center, the EchoAccess PX Hub…  read more >>

Guest Column: Hospital Call Centers
The Vital Ingredient in Clinical Communication, by Kevin Mahoney
A robust and effective communication system is essential in any hospital, as it forms the backbone for the provision of exceptional patient care. The adaptation and growth of evidence-based medicine has led to…  read more >>

Improve the Way You Manage Patient Calls, by Charu Raheja, Ph.D.
As a practice manager or doctor, managing patient calls effectively is critical in ensuring high-quality, well-coordinated care for every patient. The first step is to make sure the people answering your phones triage patients efficiently and effectively. Establishing a consistent nurse triage system will improve…  read more >>

The Contact Center’s Role in Reducing Readmission, by Traci Haynes
Reducing hospital readmissions has been a focus of the healthcare environment for many years. Steven Jencks MD, dubbed by many as the father of readmission research, along with Mark Williams MD and Eric Coleman MD, analyzed medical claims data to describe the patterns of rehospitalization and its relationship to demographic characteristics of hospitals. They learned that…  read more >>

AAACN Conference Hits Attendance Record
More than 1,200 nurses attended the American Academy of Ambulatory Care Nursing (AAACN) 42nd Annual Conference held recently in New Orleans, a number that broke all previous records for this thriving specialty nursing association. With heightened interest in such areas as …  read more >>

Ten years ago: Disaster Recovery for the Call Center, by Jim Becker
Not every disaster is as horrific as Hurricane Katrina, but call centers can also be affected by lightning, fire, water damage, telephone and electrical outages, and other natural and man-made catastrophes. All can impact your center, but the bigger impact may be on your callers. How can you lessen the affect?  read more >>

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