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August 2018-Peer Review

Utilizing Peer Review to Minimize Risk in a Medical Call Center, by Mark Dwyer
Following a nurse peer review process enables the medical call center to minimize its overall risk…. read more >>

Vital Signs: A Brand is Only as Good as the Company and Staff Behind It, by Peter Lyle DeHaan, PhD
Though rebranding offers excitement and commands attention, don’t pursue it until you’ve addressed the service behind your brand and the staff who provide it.… read more >>

Vendor Spotlight on Pulsar360
Pulsar360, Inc. is one of the oldest VoIP service companies in the United States and Canada and an early proponent of cloud technology for the communications industry.… read more >>

Guest Column: Why Hackers Target Your Medical Records Instead of Your Credit Cards, by Nicole Limpert
Cyber criminals increasingly target electronic protected health information (ePHI) because hackers can get a premium price for this personal information on the dark web.… read more >>

Four Steps to Minimize Risk in a Healthcare Call Center, by Janet Livingston
Follow these four tips to help ensure your operation functions as it should and provides the high-quality service callers expect.… read more >>

Three Tactics for Transforming a Call Center into a Care Center, by Gina Tabone
We need to develop training that helps call center caregivers convey interest, concern, and competency to callers. Here are three suggestions to begin the transformation of a call center team.… read more >>

Seven Tips to Minimize Risk and Improve the Patient Experience, by Bronson Tang
The medical call center is a crucial component within healthcare to improve the patient experience, while minimizing risks…. read more >>

Ten years ago: Using IVR to Improve Post-Discharge Patient Care, by Gary Hannah
An array of IVR options exist with a range of prices. A healthy, due diligence process will help to find the right solution for every environment and telephone triage model.… read more >>

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