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The Contact Center’s Role in Reducing Readmissions, by Traci Haynes, MSN, RN, BA, CEN
Reducing hospital readmissions has been a focus of the healthcare environment for many years. Steven Jencks MD and others analyzed medical claims data and learned that almost one-fifth of Medicare beneficiaries who had been discharged from a hospital were rehospitalized within thirty days.   >>> read more

Prepare for Change in 2017, by Peter L DeHaan, PhD
I don’t want to write about the US presidential elections, but I need to. Here’s why: Because of the election, expect changes in healthcare for 2017 and beyond. There are two scenarios…   >>> read more

Spotlight on the TeamHealth Medical Call Center
In today’s world, the rapidly evolving healthcare industry has placed its focus on providing access to high quality, patient-centric care, with an unprecedented emphasis on cost containment and continuum of care. The need for call center solutions has never been greater.   >>> read more

Patient Experience Contact Centers Respond to a Confluence of Industry Challenges, by Richard D. Stier, MBA
Patient experience failure, the incentivized reduction of avoidable readmissions, increasing rates of physician burnout, and the escalating priority of revenue cycle management, have all combined to incubate an unexpected solution. The patient experience contact center is born.   >>> read more

Moving From “Sick Care” to “Health Care,” by Mark Dwyer
In 2012 our government enacted legislature that mandated U.S. hospitals reduce re-admissions by emergency departments (ED) admits for the first thirty days post discharge. The government began penalizing hospitals who had higher than average readmission rates through a deduction in their reimbursed Medicare payments. This was a radical change in American healthcare.   >>> read more

How Well Do You Understand HIPAA? by Janet Livingston
Most people in the call center industry have a general idea of what HIPAA is, but they lack an understanding of how to apply it to their healthcare call center operation. Ignorance, however, is not a sound defense for HIPAA violations.   >>> read more

2017 AnswerStat Buyers Guide   >>> read more

Ten years ago: Voicemail Etiquette: Tips for Managing Your Messages, by Kate Zabriskie
How many times has one of the following happened to you? 1) You call someone and get his voicemail telling you that he will be out of the office until July 6th. The only problem is it’s September 8th when you place the call. 2) You call a big organization but still can’t get in touch with a living, breathing person no matter what combination of buttons you push.  >>> read more

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