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Selecting a Nurse Triage Consultant, by Gina Tabone, MSN
Healthcare reform has placed pressure on organizations to provide access to clinical care in a manner that improves patient outcomes while appropriately utilizing resources. Nurse triage, a proven mechanism for achieving these goals, can be made even better with the help of a nurse triage consultant. >>> read more

Should You Use an On-Site System or Internet-Delivered Solution? by Peter L DeHaan, PhD
We understand a computer room full of equipment. It’s tangible. Contrast this to internet-delivered solutions, which go by a myriad of names. Neither approach is universally right. Both have advantages; both have disadvantages.  >>> read more

Spotlight on LVM Systems
LVM Systems, one of the industry’s largest providers of hospital-based healthcare call center solutions, celebrated another successful year in 2016. This marked its twenty-ninth consecutive year of annual profitability since its founding in 1988.   >>> read more

10 Critical Steps of Taking a Triage Call, by Marci Lawing, RN BSN
The goal of every triage call is to make a patient feel comfortable and heard, while at the same time collect the critical information from the patient and get them to the appropriate level of care based on their symptoms. Step 1…   >>> read more

Ten years ago: Pairing Nurse Triage with Medical Answering Service, by Ken Bleakley
Meeting the needs of both physician and patien requires the deployment of two different skill sets: medical answering service and registered nurse triage.  >>> read more

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