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June 2018

Shift from Transactions to Amazing First Experiences, by Richard D. Stier, MBA
We must shift from processing transactions to delivering consistent, compassionate first experiences that earn trust. This is a hallmark of quality and the access to optimal health.… read more >>

Vital Signs: Develop an Ideal Agent Schedule to Maximize Call Center Efficiency and Effectiveness, by Peter Lyle DeHaan, PhD
Finding your ideal agent schedule is part art and part science. It’s a time-consuming task, but the results of having an ideally staffed call center are worth the effort. read more >>

Vendor Spotlight on 1Call, A Division of Amtelco
As technology continues to evolve and as customers have new communication challenges, 1Call and Amtelco will continue to develop new innovative solutions.… read more >>

Guest Column: Reduce Physician Burnout with Telephone Triage Nurses, by Dr. Ravi Raheja
There’s no single solution to eliminate physician burnout. Providing work-life balance education and offering stress management assistance helps. Additionally, telephone nurse triage provides a flexibility that allows physicians to create a better work-life balance and avoid burn-out.… read more >>

A Simple Solution to Enhance the Insurance Call Center Customer Experience, by Mark Nathan
Call your health insurance company: you’ll encounter long hold times and endless apologies from reps, who can’t find the information you need. This is the norm for health insurance call centers, but there’s a simple solution… read more >>

Why Telephone Triage Nurses are a Perfect Complement to Telemedicine, by Charu Raheja, Ph.D.
Telephone nurse triage allows a practice’s telemedicine program to work seamlessly, whether the office is open or closed. Using standardized protocols to answer patient questions increases a practice’s productivity and profits.… read more >>

Ten years ago: Breaking the Mold, by Kelly L. Weber
Healthcare call center management focuses on several key factors: efficiency, customer service, and marketing opportunities. But in today’s reality of stiffer healthcare competition and lower reimbursement, there is urgency for us to break the mold.… read more >>

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