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The Future of Healthcare is Here with Help from Telehealth and Hospital Call Centers, by Nicole Limpert
Advances in technology and our ability to use it could soon make the use of telehealth a standard healthcare practice . . . read more >>

Vital Signs: Stand Out: Define Your Distinguishing Difference, by Peter Lyle DeHaan, PhD
What does your call center stand for? Knowing who you are is the first step to determining your distinctive characteristics . . .  read more >>

Vendor Spotlight on 1 Call
As technology continues to evolve, 1Call and Amtelco will continue to develop new innovative solutions . . .  read more >>

Telehealth in Uncertain Times, by Traci Haynes
While telehealth is an option in many situations, it’s important to know of its reliability during a public health emergency . . . read more >>

Patient Symptoms and Outcomes as the COVID-19 Epidemic Deepens in the USA, by Dr. Ravi Raheja, MD
New solutions are being implemented daily as we learn more about this epidemic and how it affects our communities . . . read more >>

Ten years ago: Applying Good Judgment to Telephone Triage Calls, by Cliff Hurst
Understanding that there are three levels of valuation provides insight in more effectively managing triage calls . . .  read more > >

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