October/November 2020 Issue of AnswerStat

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Feature Content:

Remote Health Monitoring and Care Management, by Nicole Limpert
Remote health monitoring and wearable technologies, will enhance care management by providing detailed health readings about patients . . . read more >>

Vital Signs: Serve Your Stakeholders, by Peter Lyle DeHaan, PhD
Understand your purpose in working at a healthcare call center . . . read more >>

Vendor Spotlight on AccessNurse
Discover more about AccessNurse, formerly TeamHealth Medical Call Center . . . read more >>

Care Management and the Contact Center, by Traci Haynes
Contact center care management, is a win for healthcare systems, the providers (interprofessional team), and most importantly, patients . . . read more >>

Successful Telemedicine Service Strategy, by Dr. Ravi Raheja
Telemedicine has exploded and doesn’t seem to be stopping. Evaluate these factors to consider when implementing or expanding telemedicine services . . . read more >>

Healthcare Customer Engagement, by Srikanth Lakshminarayanan
Healthcare customer service is as uniquely fulfilling as it is challenging. Discover how to produce better outcomes . . . read more >>

Ten years ago: To Train or Not to Train, by Rosanne D’Ausilio, Ph.D.
Tools, techniques, common phraseology, and language are just a few requirements for world-class customer service. Introduce them in live, interactive training sessions . . . read more >>

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Keona Health
Patients Count: Enterprise patient feedback solution

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