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Four Steps to Minimize Risk in a Healthcare Call Center

Call Center Sales Pro, providing proven healthcare call center solutions

By Janet Livingston

Running a call center is challenging, but mastering one in the healthcare industry carries an added set of concerns. People’s health and even their lives are at stake. Make a mistake and effect someone’s future, even their life. Although it’s impossible to eliminate all risks, a few simple steps can greatly minimize it.

Hire the Right Skill Set

Determine what credentials you want staff in each position to carry. Then hire to meet those requirements. Don’t skimp or settle for someone less than ideal. With so much at stake you don’t want to have an underqualified employee attempt to handle too big of a responsibility. This starts with hiring the right people for each position.

Provide HIPAA Training

Everyone in healthcare knows you must provide HIPAA training on a regular basis to all employees. However, finding time to do this may present a challenge. Every day in the call center is a busy one. This makes it easy to push off nonurgent tasks to tomorrow, to next week, and to next month. When it comes to HIPAA training, don’t delay. Make it a priority, and then do it. Provide HIPAA education as part of new employee onboarding. Then, provide HIPAA instruction for every employee each year.

Insist that Staff Don’t Exceed Their Capabilities

Many medical call centers have a mix of staff, some with medical training and others without it. Though those without a healthcare background will quickly pick up medical jargon, processes, and even some protocols, make sure they don’t attempt to provide a level of service they aren’t trained to do. Nurses should provide nurse triage, while non-nurses shouldn’t offer any degree of medical advice. It’s that simple. This is one time to keep everyone in their place.

Have a Good Errors and Omissions Insurance Policy

Having a good errors and omissions (E & O) policy is important for outsource call centers and especially essential for healthcare related operations. However, don’t view this as an excuse to take shortcuts. Instead strive to run your call center so that you’ll never need to file a claim. Consider E & O insurance as a backup in case the unthinkable happens.


Though there’s a lot that can go wrong in a healthcare call center, there’s no reason to let it cause you to lose sleep. Follow these four tips to help ensure your operation functions as it should and provides high-quality service that your stakeholders expect.Provide high-quality service that your stakeholders expect. Click To Tweet

Call Center Sales Pro, a full-service healthcare call center consultancyJanet Livingston is the CEO of Call Center Sales Pro, a premier consultancy and service provider for healthcare call centers and medical answering services. Contact Janet at contactus@callcenter-salespro.com or call 800-901-7706.

Call Center Sales Pro Hires Pete Gilhooly as Director of Hospital Call Centers

Telecom veteran brings 15 years’ experience in healthcare vertical to Call Center Sales Pro

Call Center Sales Pro, a full-service healthcare call center consultancyCall Center Sales Pro, a leading healthcare call center consultancy, announced that Pete Gilhooly joined their team as director of hospital call centers. In this new position he will work to finetune and rollout the organization’s operational model for hospital call centers. His first day in this new assignment was December 18, 2017.

Gilhooly will work with hospital call centers in the healthcare vertical and build upon the great strides already made by the Call Center Sales Pro team in this dynamic and growing sector.

Janet Livingston, founder of Call Center Sales Pro, brought Gilhooly on board to further advance the company’s already successful efforts in this market. “Pete is a natural fit with the Call Center Sales Pro team,” Livingston said. “He brings three decades of telecom leadership experience to us, the last fifteen of which focus specifically on healthcare.” By adding Pete’s leadership, knowledge, and expertise, “Call Center Sales Pro is poised to take a giant leap forward.”

“I’m happy to be part of the Call Center Sales Pro team,” Gilhooly said. “I look forward to much success as we grow the organization and bring the healthcare vertical to the next level. I’m really looking forward to this and all the exciting opportunities it entails.” In his new role, Pete will integrate the current initiatives of the Call Center Sales Pro team and use it to develop a comprehensive model that can be rolled out to hospital call centers across the United States.

In addition to spending thirty years in the telecom industry, with the last fifteen focused on healthcare, Gilhooly spent six years at Glens Falls Hospital, most recently as senior director of IT infrastructure. Gilhooly also worked at Chaplin Valley Physicians Hospital as director of information technology and at Albany Medical Center as vice president of technology management.

Call Center Sales Pro Specializes in the Healthcare Niche

Call Center Sales Pro, providing proven healthcare call center solutions

Call center experts help achieve results-driven outcomes for medical call centers

It’s no secret that the healthcare industry is being pushed. They must accomplish more, do it better, and do it for less. This means more work, increased pressure, and lower reimbursement rates. And the call center sits at the center of this. They are in the ideal position to cost-effectively address these pain points. While doing so they can improve the level of care and enhance patient access.

Often the telephone serves as a patient’s entry-point into a health system, preparing them to receive a lifetime of healthcare services. And Call Center Sales Pro is ready to help healthcare providers navigate this ever-evolving reality for their call center.

Visionary Leadership: Call Center Sales Pro was launched in 2014 by call center industry veteran, Janet Livingston. Her initial mission was to help outsource call centers and answering services take the pain out of growing their business. Since then Call Center Sales Pro has developed into a full-service contact center consultancy. They pride themselves in addressing big picture issues for their clients. This includes operations, accounting, technology, customer service, and administration, in addition to sales and marketing.

They also expanded into the healthcare niche. The collective expertise of their team is an ideal match for the needs and opportunities afforded by the healthcare industry. “We didn’t start out focusing on healthcare,” Livingston said, “but that’s certainly where were headed. Our team of call center professionals fits great with the healthcare industry. We know how to maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of the call center to achieve profitable outcomes—and healthy results.” Helping patients better manage their healthcare, increasing per-patient revenue, and maximizing their lifetime value. Click To Tweet

HIPAA Compliance Training: Toward this end, Call Center Sales Pro has developed a HIPAA compliance training program. It’s designed to accomplish three things. The first is to educate healthcare call center employees about HIPAA (the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996). Next, the course covers why this is important. Last, they stress how to follow its guidelines. This includes learning about PHI (protected health information), how to recognize it, and the essential steps to take to protect it. Critical to this is understanding how PHI is transmitted between covered entities (CE) and business associates (BA).

Livingston notes that HIPAA training is required for anyone with access to PHI. Additionally, all healthcare organizations must provide HIPAA instruction for all staff, with periodic refresher training. Call Center Sales Pro’s HIPAA compliance training program addresses these needs. It’s an online video course with a live instructor and takes about 45 to 60 minutes.

Healthcare Call Center Consulting: While their HIPAA compliance training program is a critical tool for every healthcare call center, the cornerstone of Call Center Sales Pro’s work revolves around healthcare call center consulting. They offer a full-service consultancy that specializes in addressing the needs of healthcare contact centers in today’s ever-changing environment.

Their team of consultants can assist healthcare organizations with their call center operation, customer service, and agent training. They can also address staffing, disaster recovery planning, and call center technology.

By customizing their consulting program, they can meet the specific needs of each client, which can include:

  • Add expertise to supplement the call center’s management team.
  • Optimize systems, protocols, and processes for optimal results.
  • Pursue new initiatives.
  • Solve problems that restrict the ability to capitalize on evolving opportunities.
  • Refocus call center direction and priorities.

System Optimization: A third component Call Center Sales Pro addresses for healthcare call centers focuses on call center system optimization. This specifically addresses the 1Call platform from Amtelco. Call Center Sales Pro is an expert resource in mastering this powerful technology and harnessing it to achieve maximum results.

The key outcomes that healthcare call centers can accomplish with Call Center Sales Pro as their partner include helping patients better manage their healthcare, increasing per-patient revenue, and maximizing their lifetime value. Critical to this is helping shift call centers from being a cost center to a revenue center.

In addition, Call Center Sales Pro can handle strategic planning and logistics, offer technical support and system engineering, and provide agent training and coaching. They can also address system setup, configuration, and optimization, as well as enhance medical answering service functions.

Conclusion: Call Center Sales Pro is a one-stop solutions provider for healthcare call centers.

Call Center Sales Pro, a full-service healthcare call center consultancyJanet Livingston is the president of Call Center Sales Pro, a premier sales and marketing service provider for the call center industry, that offers healthcare call center consulting, system optimization, and HIPAA compliance training. Contact Janet at contactus@callcenter-salespro.com or call 800-901-7706.