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LVM Releases Centaurus on .Net Platform

LVM Systems released its Centaurus software on Microsoft’s .Net platform, gives LVM customers a choice on how they want their Centaurus software to function. “We believe Centaurus is already the top healthcare call center software solution in the industry,” said LVM Systems’ vice president of .Net applications Jake Johnson.  “Adding the .Net platform gives LVM Systems and our customers access to the latest technologies.”

The move to the .Net platform was three years in the making.  It also represents a significant investment in staffing and resources.  “We listened to our customers and other call center managers,” said Les Mortensen, LVM Systems’ president and chief information officer.  “They said they wanted a .Net option.  We made that happen.”

LVM Systems’ Centaurus software is a customizable solution for healthcare call centers.  Centaurus was first developed in 1988 and has evolved to meet the changing needs of the healthcare call center industry.

LVM Systems logoAlthough it is anticipated that the .Net version of Centaurus will become the primary choice among new customers, LVM Systems will continue to provide support to those customers with the original version.  Customers have the option of which platform they want Centaurus to run on.

[Posted by Peter Lyle DeHaan, PhD for AnswerStat magazine, a medical healthcare publication from Peter DeHaan Publishing Inc.]

LVM Releases PhoneLink

LVM Systems released PhoneLink, a third-generation product for automating communication to and from consumers, patients, or plan members.  It integrates touch-tone phone technology with a robust software database to manage two-way communications, such as:

  • surveys (anonymous or identified): satisfaction, follow-up, health monitoring
  • appointment reminders: for appointments, classes, and upcoming events
  • action/behavior reminders: such as medication compliance, new behavior prompts
  • health education fulfillment: including (inbound) consumer-initiated access of health information topics and (outbound) push-to-patient instructions and health topics.

LVM Systems’ new product is:

  • fully hosted: avoiding the hassles of capital requests and installation
  • expandable: the basic 4-port system can flex to 16-line usage to accommodate peaks in volume through server-sharing.
  • vendor neutral: each PhoneLink system is powered by a complementary license of LVM’s SQL software.  Your primary call center software can be any product, or none at all.  PhoneLink works from the data supplied by your organization.

LVM Systems logoPhoneLink is leased at $4,900 per year, plus $0.20 per minute for utilization.

[Posted by Peter Lyle DeHaan, PhD for AnswerStat magazine, a medical healthcare publication from Peter DeHaan Publishing Inc.]

CPM Chooses LVM Software for National Call Center

LVM Systems’ Centaurus software has been chosen by CPM Marketing Group, Inc. to enable its national call center, launched January 6, 2010.  CPM, a customer relationship management (CRM) and strategic marketing solutions company, has entered the call center service arena to support inbound and outbound call marketing services for hospitals and health systems.

LVM Systems logoThe LVM/CPM interface, Instant CRM (ICRM), is a behavioral targeting technology that enables hospitals to tailor phone communication to current and prospective patients based on individuals’ past and present medical indications or their risk for developing future conditions.  Having this ability to communicate at a granular level is invaluable for relationship building and service line promotion.  The ICRM interface provides critical information to the call center representative both at the beginning of the call and prior to the end of the call, when cross-selling opportunities are most advantageous.

[Posted by Peter DeHaan for AnswerStat magazine, a medical healthcare publication from Peter DeHaan Publishing Inc.]

LVM Change Pricing For Disease Management Plans

LVM Systems, Inc. announced a change in their pricing model for disease management care plans.  Effective February 1, all plans are available at no additional cost to LVM customers.  This includes Heart Failure, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), Asthma, Diabetes, Coronary Artery Disease, and Medication Compliance.

According to Les Mortensen, President of LVM Systems, “The majority of our call center customers have disease and population management projects on their horizon.  It’s a “must do” for successful healthcare reform and medical home initiatives.  We want our customers to have the advantage of medically-sound care plans which reference the national guidelines and support medical standards of care.”

LVM Systems logoEach care plan contains a stratification tool to assist care teams in matching the right intensity and frequency to the needs of each program participant.  The plans focus on self-management education and early identification of health status changes which are key to avoiding unplanned care and emergencies.  Customers can use the patient education materials authored by the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP), which exist in the LVM software, or they can link to their own materials.

[Posted by Peter DeHaan for AnswerStat magazine, a medical healthcare publication from Peter DeHaan Publishing Inc.]

LVM Systems Scores Big in Customer Satisfaction Ratings

LVM Systems Scores Big in Customer Satisfaction Ratings

Since its formation in 1988, LVM Systems has held customer service as one of its cornerstones and a key differentiator in their healthcare call center niche.  According to their 2009 client satisfaction survey, LVM is still hitting the mark.  More than 125 clients participated in the 13-question survey that gathered feedback on interaction with LVM staff and overall customer service and satisfaction.  Key results are:

  • When interacting with LVM staff members, which best describes your experience?
    70.7% very satisfied; 26% satisfied (total of 96.7%)
  • Overall, how satisfied are you with the customer service LVM provides?
    66.7% very satisfied; 26% satisfied (total of 92.7%)

LVM Systems logoIf you follow the gurus of satisfaction measurement, a single question stands out from the rest.  Customers may be happy, but would they act on that confidence in their vendor?  To the question, “Would you recommend LVM Systems to other organizations?”  95.9% answered “Yes.”  According to Les Mortensen, LVM’s founder and president, “Many of our new clients contacted us as a result of meeting or networking with a satisfied LVM customer.”

[Posted by Peter Lyle DeHaan, PhD for AnswerStat magazine, a medical healthcare publication from Peter DeHaan Publishing Inc.]

LVM Systems Opens Users’ Conference to Industry

LVM Systems invites all healthcare call centers to their 2009 conference, Essential Pieces – Supporting Your Success.  It is Wednesday and Thursday, October 21-22 at the Scottsdale Plaza Resort in Arizona and offers an industry-centered agenda, with three concurrent tracks:

  • Clinical (with Continuing Education contact hours offered)
  • Marketing and strategy
  • Consulting

Headliners include Doctors Barton Schmitt and David Thompson, authors of the telephone triage protocols and self-care guides.  They will present “Ten Pediatric Infections Not to Miss” and “Dangerous Pregnancy Symptoms,” as well as be available for clinical networking sessions and an informal Q & A.

The marketing and strategy keynote is Travis Froehlich, VP of planning for the Seton Family of Hospitals in Austin, Texas.  Froehlich has expanded Seton’s triage call center to an enterprise-wide hub for patient navigation, including disease management, transfers, and referral services.  “Moving the Call Center to an Enterprise Role” is an essential session for vice presidents and managers with a grander vision for access management and optimizing patient connections.
More than 20 additional presentations will be made by call center managers and industry leaders.

LVM Systems logoDownload the conference PDF at www.lvmsystems.com/news.php or call 480-633-8200.

[Posted by Peter DeHaan for AnswerStat magazine, a medical healthcare publication from Peter DeHaan Publishing Inc.]

LVM Offers Hosted Virtual Call Center Option

LVM Systems, a long time provider of installed call center software, now offers a fully hosted solution, Virtual Call Center.  Their E-Centaurus software is available for use via the Internet.  President Les Mortensen comments, “We’ve had this option in use by our own remote staff for nearly seven years.  The challenges of today’s healthcare environment create the perfect opportunity to offer it externally, as well.”

LVM’s sales directors are frequently hearing hospital managers say, “Our IT folks are so focused on the enterprise EMR launch, it is difficult to get their attention and support for other information systems.”  The Virtual Call Center is accessed via an Internet connection through Windows Terminal Server, bypassing the need for onsite server purchase and set-up.

LVM Systems logoThe other benefit is economical.  Many health systems have a freeze on capital expenditures, eliminating new licenses and hardware purchases, which would normally be capitalized.  LVM Systems offers an option to license the Virtual Call Center on a monthly payment plan, if needed, to avoid requesting capital dollars.  Therefore, software fees can be covered through the call center’s operational budget.

[Posted by Peter Lyle DeHaan, PhD for AnswerStat magazine, a medical healthcare publication from Peter DeHaan Publishing Inc.]