TriageLogic CEO Honored at Enterprising Women of the Year

TriageLogicTriageLogic CEO, Charu Raheja, PhD, was honored at the Enterprising Women of the Year Awards. The Enterprising Women of the Year Awards is a prestigious recognition program for women business owners.

To win this award, Dr. Raheja demonstrated she has a fast-growth business, actively supports other women and girls involved in entrepreneurship, and stands out as a leader in her community. She exhibits each of these qualifiers in the success of TriageLogic and the launch of Continuwell, as well as her work with Community Health Charities and various charitable commitments and donations in her community.

Dr. Raheja was recognized April 2 at the 15th Annual Enterprising Women of the Year Awards Celebration & Conference. Enterprising Women is the nation’s only women-owned magazine published exclusively for women business owners that chronicles the growing political, economic, and social influence and power of entrepreneurial women.

“The recipients of the 2017 Enterprising Women of the Year Awards represent an amazing group of women entrepreneurs from across the United States and as far away as The Netherlands, South Africa, Uganda, the United Kingdom, and Canada,” said Monica Smiley, publisher and CEO of Enterprising Women. “We could not be more proud to recognize their accomplishments as CEOs of fast-growth companies, community leaders, and role models and mentors to other women and girls. We look forward to shining the spotlight on them at our fifteenth annual awards event in April.”

TriageLogic was also recently certified as a Women’s Business Enterprise and a Women Owned Small Business by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC), the nation’s largest third-party certifier of the businesses owned and operated by women in the U.S.

“We are excited to have TriageLogic recognized for its diversity and look forward to many new partnerships to help triage patients and ensure appropriate care for their symptoms,” said Dr. Raheja. “Now that TriageLogic is WBENC certified, we have the ability to compete for business opportunities provided by WBENC Corporate Members and government agencies looking to increase the diversity of their vendors.”

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TriageLogic Announces Continuwell

Innovative Nurse-First Model to Improve Telehealth

TriageLogicTriageLogic Management and Consulting, LLC, announces the launch of Continuwell®, a new telehealth product for businesses and organizations to decrease employee healthcare expenses and reduce employee sick days. This service is designed to complement and enhance existing wellness or telemedicine offerings already in place or as a turnkey solution.

You take care of your patients, but who takes care of your staff? When your patients have a medical issue arise, they call your office or triage line to evaluate their symptoms and get professional advice on what steps to take next. Why not extend triage services to your staff by making Continuwell part of your employee benefits package?

Continuwell is a telephone healthcare service with a network of experienced registered nurses and doctors. Continuwell provides 24/7 on demand nurses and doctors to evaluate employees or members and determine appropriate care for their symptoms.

Continuwell differentiates itself with its nurse-first model, where nurses use doctor-written guided protocols to evaluate callers and determine the care needed to resolve their symptoms. Our nurses are able to provide the necessary care without the need of a doctor in three out of four cases, saving the cost of a telehealth doctor visit and making the system affordable for employers and employees:

  • Members enter their symptoms using either a mobile application or website portal.
  • A registered nurse calls back within minutes.
  • The nurse evaluates their symptoms and helps them with the next steps.

Continuwell is always available to help your staff get back on their feet, no matter the symptom. Continuwell nurses are an objective resource that employees can use to discuss symptoms they may not want to discuss with colleagues.

Telehealth doctors are available in the event a prescription or further treatment is needed. Our medical professionals reduce employee sick days and get people back to their normal activities sooner. Therefore, your staff can return to taking care of patients faster.

We help people decide when they really need to go to the ER, and when it is okay to stay at work. Our solution is a trusted alternative to ER or urgent care visits and prevents oversight of serious warning signs. Not only are we HIPAA compliant, we are also independent of health insurance companies.

Continuwell is affordable healthcare that gives employees or members peace of mind.

For more information on Continuwell or if you would like this service for your staff, call 844-258-4325 or email


The Telephone Triage Handbook

TriageLogicThe TriageLogic group released their new e-book, The Telephone Triage Handbook: A Convenient Guide for Providers, written by Charu G. Raheja, PhD.

This book shares telemedicine innovations, relevant data and benefits of telephone nurse triage, and insights from a pool of expert leadership at the TriageLogic Group, which has taken over one million telephone triage calls in the last ten years. Call center managers and providers will learn what nurse triage is, how it works, and understand how to best utilize nurse triage in individual practices and call centers. The book provides many practical action steps for healthcare professionals including: How to evaluate your call center platform; how to select the best nurse triage system; how to use telephone nurse triage to improve patient satisfaction; and how to reduce cost while providing the highest-level patient care.

The handbook is available in the Amazon and Kindle stores for a minimal cost of $0.99, and is available for free PDF download from “I am very excited about this e-book as I think it provides a high quality resource to providers and managers,” says Ravi Raheja, MD and medical director of TriageLogic, LLC, “This is an easy to read, practical guide for setting up a telephone triage resource.”

The Telephone Triage Handbook is the first of several e-books from TriageLogic. “Education is an important goal of our company. We are using my background in teaching and finance along with the wealth of knowledge from our physicians and nurses to write books and blogs to help advance the field of telephone triage,” says Charu G. Raheja.

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TriageLogic Releases 2015 Pediatric Office Hours Protocol Update

TriageLogicTriageLogic updated MyTriageChecklist™, which incorporates Barton-Schmitt Pediatric Office-Hours Telephone Triage Protocols. This update adds fifty new protocols to ensure comprehensive symptom coverage and standard of care for any office that handles patient phone calls. The new protocols include a wide variety of symptoms associated with issues such as anxiety, ear piercing, and the Ebola protocols, which were originally released during the outbreak of 2014. Clients who use MyTriageChecklist always have easy access to updated triage protocols in an electronic format that can be used with any other electronic medical system.

A service provided to all MyTriageChecklist clients is comprehensive training and access to an experienced triage nurse. All clients have the option to attend free weekly training sessions, where a registered nurse with triage experience explains how to use the software, as well as answers questions. As practices hire new nurses, they can attend these sessions, learn how to triage safely in a clinical setting, and apply the content to their practice. This is supplemented by their free telephone triage online learning center, which has comprehensive material for both new and experienced triage nurses.

“At TriageLogic, we believe providing the standard of care in all aspects of a practice is of the utmost priority. With the proper protocols and training available, nurses can make good decisions when they are on the phone,” says Dr. Ravi Raheja, MD and medical director of TriageLogic™.

“Clients appreciate our training because it helps them to learn how to use the protocols and implement them in their offices. New nurses coming on at client practices can also sit in on trainings, so it alleviates the provider of extra training responsibilities,” adds Rose Moon, RN and Staff trainer for TriageLogic.

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TriageLogic Announces the New Telephone Triage Nurse Certification

TriageLogicTriageLogic released the new version of its online learning center, which tracks material learned, exams, and telephone triage nurse certification courses. This material for certification can be used to train telephone triage nurses. Courses will be broken down into lessons and supplemental materials with a progress meter for easy tracking.

With this new capability, nurses can track their own progress and managers can track the progress of their entire nursing team. “I am excited to use the online learning center in our telephone nurse training, ” said Marci Lawing, RN and nurse manager at TriageLogic, “It will add great value to our current training process and to our software for clients.”

To set up the virtual classroom, the manager fills out the contact form on the TriageLogic website and sends a list of nurse email addresses to be added to the database. Next, a username and password will be sent to each nurse and the manager. Then they can log in begin training right away.

TriageLogic is committed to learning and expanding the field of nurse triage. “We are excited to share our expertise with the telephone triage community and to continue improving patient care nationwide,” said Ravi Raheja, MD and medical director of TriageLogic.

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TriageLogic Releases Answering Service API

Triage LogicTriageLogic released their answering service API, which allows any web-based answering service to submit a triage call to TriageLogic’s Call Center Solution™ software, directly from their platform. Since answering services and nurse triage call centers perform completely separate functions, they typically run on different software platforms.

However, the two entities must coordinate with each other. In most cases, the answering service takes a message and faxes the information to the triage center. Another common scenario is for the operator to verbally relay the information to the triage center. Unfortunately, both of these practices are time-consuming and expensive.

With TriageLogic’s answering service API, the non-clinical operator submits the information directly to TriageLogic for the nurse to see immediately. This improved process saves time and money, as well as decreases the potential for error or delay in the relay process. Another benefit is the flexibility the new answering service API provides for medical practices. If a practice has a relationship with an answering service, they can add triage services with minimal changes to their current after-hours infrastructure and without requiring the answering service to use a different software platform to enter patient calls.

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TriageLogic’s Call Center Software Integrates with Salesforce

TriageLogicTriageLogic announced two-way integration of TriageLogic Call Center Software and Salesforce Service Cloud. This integration allows nurses using the systems to work seamlessly between their Salesforce cloud to manage patients and the call center software to triage patient phone calls. Traditionally, triage software has been a freestanding component used in conjunction with other call-center platforms.

This integration was accomplished using TriageLogic’s Web-based API (application programming interface), allowing the integration of new components within existing applications. Now “hospitals and other healthcare organizations can use their existing electronic systems or platforms and simply embed triage protocols within TriageLogic’s API triage module,” said Ravi K. Raheja, MD, medical director of Triage Logic.

After selecting Salesforce as their basic platform for encounter management, a large healthcare organization still needed triage protocols for their clinical nurse triage component. They choose TriageLogic since the integration allowed hospital to easily access clinical protocols directly within the Salesforce platform, assess the patient’s symptoms, and save the triage notes directly to the Salesforce database.

Charu Raheja, PhD and CEO of TriageLogic, said, “We are committed to innovative technology solutions that improve patient care and work-flow efficiency.”

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TriageLogic Implements Ebola Telephone Triage Protocols

TriageLogicTriageLogic announced that Ebola telephone triage protocols are available for Nurse Triage on Call, Call Center Solution Software, and myTriageChecklist clients. Any time there is a widespread health concern; telephone nurses are at the front line, properly assessing patients, as well as providing education and reassurance.

Many symptoms of Ebola are difficult to differentiate from common viral illnesses. However, with standardized protocols, nurses can make informed decisions and assist patients confidently while documenting the phone call. “The Ebola situation highlights the need for all primary care offices and call centers to have access to the Schmitt Thompson protocols and a partner to keep them updated and informed.” said Ravi Raheja, MD, Medical Director of TriageLogic.

Anticipating increased patient call volume due to the recent Ebola cases, triage protocol authors, Dr. Barton Schmitt and Dr. David Thompson developed guidelines to triage patients with symptoms or concerns. TriageLogic quickly implemented these guidelines into all of their service lines.

“Clients are amazed that we have Ebola protocols available so quickly to help them address patient concerns,” said Rose Moon, RN, clinical education trainer and IT support manager for TriageLogic.

[Posted by Peter DeHaan for AnswerStat magazine, a medical healthcare publication from Peter DeHaan Publishing Inc.]

TriageLogic Launches Online Learning Center

TriageLogicTriageLogic, a provider of triage solutions, launched an online learning center. This new resource provides free educational material for telephone triage nurses and features a variety of learning material including videos, articles, research, and links to external sources. The courses provide a thorough understanding on nurse triage and triage protocols.

Charu Raheja, PhD and CEO of TriageLogic said, “We are committed to leading the nurse triage industry to the highest level of patient care. Our recent URAC accreditation and now the development of Triage Learning Center highlights our leadership and expertise.”

These resources address the criteria and skills needed to be an effective triage nurse. While a successful triage nurse requires practical nursing experience, they will also need to know how to listen effectively, handle difficult situations, assess symptoms, and apply the proper protocol, all in a timely manner. Pre-tests and post-tests are included in the videos, allowing the viewer to test his/her knowledge. Some of the aspects covered in the material are:

  • Communicating with difficult callers
  • Situations with Abuse/Neglect
  • Selecting the appropriate protocol
  • Case Studies in Nurse Triage
  • Return on Investment from Nurse Triage

Ravi Raheja, MD Medical Director and COO of TriageLogic said, “We are excited about Triage Learning Center because it is a great resource for anyone involved with patient phone calls. As a physician, I know the challenges of telephone triage. Even experienced nurses can benefit from our learning material.”

Pediatrician Ravi Raheja, MD and Charu Raheja, PhD are the creators of the courses. As an award-winning professor, Charu Raheja is knowledgeable in effective teaching. Ravi Raheja’s experience as a pediatrician provides him with a deep understanding of efficient telephone triage. Combining both medical and educational expertise, Ravi and Charu Raheja designed these courses for current and potential telephone triage nurses.

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TriageLogic Receives URAC Accreditation

TriageLogicTriageLogic has been awarded Full Health Call Center Accreditation from URAC, a Washington, DC-based healthcare accrediting organization that establishes quality standards for the healthcare industry. URAC’s Health Call Center Accreditation ensures registered nurses, physicians, or other validly licensed individuals perform the clinical aspects of telephone triage and other health information services in a manner that is timely, confidential, and includes medically appropriate care and treatment advice.

TriageLogic handles nurse triage calls for subscribed medical facilities and physicians, using registered nurses and following Schmitt-Thompson’s evidence-based clinical protocols for providing comprehensive nurse triage. “We invest a lot of time and effort to ensure our services meet high quality standards for nurse triage. The URAC accreditation exemplifies our commitment to competence and quality,” said TriageLogic CEO, Charu Raheja, PhD.

“By applying for and receiving Health Call Center Accreditation, TriageLogic has demonstrated a commitment to quality health care,” added URAC President and CEO Kylanne Green. “Quality healthcare is crucial to our nation’s welfare and it is important to have organizations that are willing to measure themselves against national standards and undergo rigorous evaluation by an independent accrediting body.”

[Posted by Peter DeHaan for AnswerStat magazine, a medical healthcare publication from Peter DeHaan Publishing Inc.]