Plum Voice’s New VoiceTrends Call Analytics Includes PCI Compliance

Plum Voice, an interactive voice response (IVR) provider, launched an updated version of its VoiceTrends call analytics solution that now meets PCI-DSS standards to protect sensitive data while still providing rich call analytics for improving customer experience and decreasing overall customer service costs.

With VoiceTrends’ new features, companies can select specific data points to keep, logging only the information necessary for improving their IVR, without storing any sensitive customer data. “VoiceTrends now allows organizations to handle sensitive data with ease, remain PCI-compliant, and follow HIPAA standards all while still collecting the rich call analytics needed to optimize the customer experience,” said Plum Voice CTO Matt Jones

VoiceTrends logs and digests data to show exactly where an application is causing customer frustration—providing meaningful, actionable data to guide system adjustments and reduce bottlenecks. VoiceTrends also enables users to easily set up reporting and analytics without large investments of time from the IT department.

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HealthInterlink Beacon Remote Patient Monitoring Software

HealthInterlink®, a provider of remote patient monitoring software applications, announced it has received 510(k) clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to market Beacon® version 2.0, a scalable software-based remote patient monitoring solution.

Beacon’s software incorporates FDA cleared, wireless patient monitoring devices and a gateway device, (such as a tablet or smart phone) which transmits physiological data, answers to questions, and messages to Beacon Clinical Care Access for review by healthcare providers. Beacon is a flexible and intuitive software application that helps clinicians prioritize patient care, allows for early intervention, and facilitates communication with patients in their home.

“We see this clearance as a major milestone in helping make chronic care more convenient and less disruptive for patients,” said Danna Kehm, managing director of HealthInterlink. “Regulatory clearance of our software shows that it performs equivalently to a traditional bulky monitor and helps us move towards our bigger vision of reimagining chronic care with mobile devices in a mHealth world.” HealthInterlink will roll out Beacon in the U.S. immediately and is developing other applications where the system can be used to enhance remote patient monitoring.

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McKesson Earns Fifth Consecutive BenchmarkPortal Certification

McKesson Specialty Health’s Reimbursement, Access & Safety Services Solution Center in Scottsdale, Arizona was certified as a Center of Excellence for the fifth consecutive year by BenchmarkPortal. Out of thousands of call centers and all industry segments in North America, the McKesson Specialty Health Solution Center was recognized as a top 100 call center and as a top ten center in the large-size category for 2013.

The McKesson Specialty Health Reimbursement, Access & Safety Services Solution Center provides a wide variety of educational, reimbursement, REMS, clinical, data gathering and marketing services on behalf of pharmaceutical manufacturers. Its staff of 900 seats facilitates more than 11 million interactions annually, offering support for single and multi-drug programs for therapies in oncology, rheumatology, and other therapeutic areas.

“A contact center that seeks and achieves the Center of Excellence Certification from BenchmarkPortal demonstrates a noteworthy commitment to service excellence,” said Bruce Belfiore, CEO, BenchmarkPortal. Contact centers achieve the certification based on best-practice metrics drawn from the world’s largest database of objective and quantitative data from BenchmarkPortal.

“We are thrilled to receive the Center of Excellence award from BenchmarkPortal,” added Heather Morel of McKesson Specialty Health.

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Call Centers Cut Costs Using New Voice Recording Solution

The new voice recording solution commonly used in Europe documents and processes communication between agents and customers helps case management personnel evaluate customer complaints in a timely and efficient way. The technology was first introduced at UPC Broadband customer service desks. By using the WIOVoice product, agent efficiency can be monitored and evaluated at any given time resulting in significantly reduced case management costs. The new technology was deployed network-wide at the UPC Broadband branch offices for providing high-level data security in walk-in customer service. “The state-of-the-art system will monitor and evaluate agent efficiency by documenting the communication between the agent and the customer at the customer service desk,” said Istvan Bata, managing director of the software developer, DSR Partner. WIOVoice product features provide real time observation of agent-customer interactions, encrypted voice data storage, and play back functions. It allows the administrator to follow and analyze agent-customer conversation. Users can call into the conversation or apply the recorded material for training purposes. Voice data can also be automatically transferred and archived in a written format. Conversations are traceable by word detection, date, or other search parameters.

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Health Navigator’s Solutions Support Telemedicine

Health Navigator, Inc., a telemedicine support organization, announced the availability of natural language processing with coded chiefcomplaints. This patent-pending solution allows a telehealth provider to transform patients’ presenting problems into one or more codified chief complaint with associated clinical priorities and ICD-9/ICD-10 codes. Differential diagnoses are presented to the health care provider for review and further discussion with the patient. The product is designed to front-end answering service, telemedicine, or call center operations to improve consistency and accuracy of documentation.

Dr. David Thompson, Health Navigator, Inc., CEO and product architect stated, “After several years of development and testing, I am very excited to bring this product to market allowing telehealth and other digital health companies to convert a narrative presenting complaint into data, that is, coded chief complaints. Not only will the Natural Language Processing engine improve consistent documentation and provide clinical decision support, the data can be used to front-end operational processes and initiate clinical pathways. In the age of big data this previously untapped data source can be used for reporting, quality improvement, and syndromic surveillance.”

For more information, contact Health Navigator, Inc. at 602-549-2583 or

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Crowd Funded Cloud Based Solution for Storing, Accessing and Sharing Medical Imaging

Millions of medical images are wasted every year. For patients, this equates to higher costs and longer wait times for diagnosis. For doctors, it saps vital resources and is a source of frustration. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that more than 30% of medical images are lost every year.

How can we begin to stem this waste? Meet myMedImage, the brainchild of physicians already participating actively in the telemedicine coupled with the work of information technologists. The goal of the crowd funding campaign is to make access to this DICOM compliant PACS system free of charge to patients and participating physicians and plans, by raising $200,000 via a crowd funding campaign on IndieGogo.

The platform directly links supported patients (anywhere in the world) to primary care and specialty physicians through its unique medical imaging sharing and consultative network. The model ensures the highest quality, timely care for patients by maintaining the patient-physician contract.

The myMedImage service is offered to individuals, physicians, caregivers, hospitals, and governments globally, streamlining the entire medical imaging viewing process, while preventing unnecessary, wasted, and duplicate medical imaging.

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Solving Readmission Challenges through Post-Discharge Outreach

In October 2012, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services began penalizing hospitals with excessive readmissions. LibertyHealth, a New Jersey-based health system consisting of a 316 bed acute care facility and several ambulatory facilities, was penalized the full one percent, resulting in a significant loss in revenue. This penalty led Liberty’s leadership to seek a nurse advice system to help reduce readmissions.

Instead, they decided to implement RelayCare Readmission Management, a solution that generates alerts and tasks to prompt staff to follow up with patients on outstanding items that could contribute to readmissions. As a result, Liberty will have a proactive, rather than reactive, readmission management program via phone outreach.

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Noble Systems Introduces Healthcare Solutions Group

Noble Systems Corporation, a provider of unified contact center technology solutions, announced the formation of a dedicated healthcare solutions group offering specific expertise and solution sets for integrated delivery networks, hospitals, regional health systems, and physician practice groups.

“As the industry shifts toward value-based care and a stronger focus on the patient experience, contact center capabilities are critical considerations,” said Greg Burkett, Vice President – Healthcare Solutions at Noble Systems. “A unified approach to patient contact management can transform the ROI picture for healthcare delivery leaders. That opportunity is driving our efforts and delivering results for care providers and organizations across the industry.”

Burkett has 20 years’ experience in a variety of leadership positions working with healthcare service providers. Led by Burkett, and comprised of technology specialists focused on the healthcare space, Noble’s healthcare solutions group will work with healthcare organizations to address pre-care and post-discharge patient communications and revenue cycle management.

Noble Systems’ healthcare solutions are designed to address the full spectrum of patient contact needs including patient scheduling, insurance verification, satisfaction surveys, accounts recovery, and related activities across the continuum of care.

Learn more at

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Telemed Introduces Mobile App for Messaging Convergence

Telemed Inc. introduced a mobile app with HIPAA compliant medical messaging convergence. Users can manage important medical messages with no HIPAA issues through the secure MyTeleMed app for iOS devices. The app notifies practitioners of patient requests, manages messages, and documents each step. The MyTeleMed service operators can contact users by email, text, or phone in the manner prescribed.

The MyTeleMed website and call center can help users build escalation procedures if a callback is not made within a pre-set time. Callbacks are documented with the time and duration of the call and provide an option to record the call.

A majority of HIPAA fines come from lost or stolen mobile devices with Personal Health Information (PHI) resident on the device. The MyTelemed mobile app solves that problem because the messages are stored on a secure server, not resident on the mobile device. This protects PHI and maintains HIPAA compliance.

The app is available from the Apple App Store for devices running iOS 4.0 or later; an Android app is planned.

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Acqueon Releases AiQ 4.0

Acqueon Technologies announced the release of AiQ 4.0, which offers new social media and mobile application features to improve the customer experience and an improved SIP engine to give contact centers greater support for telephony and web mashups. AiQ enables organizations to offer numerous communication channels in their contact centers including, social media, texting, and chat along with voice and email. A universal work assignment engine as opposed to the traditional skill-based routing used in legacy contact centers enables enterprises to service and route their customer interactions to the right resources based the context of their current and past interaction history. This version reduces the time callers need to wait to talk to an agent and enables them to continue an interaction with the same agent even if it was unexpectedly interrupted. Supervisor desktop applications join data reporting in a growing list of applications accessible via a range of mobile devices for supervisors outside of the traditional call center.

Acqueon provides solutions to the healthcare field with applications such as prescription refill, telemarketing to prospective clients, and collections, as well as helping with disease management and control emergency room visits and costs.

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