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Health Navigator’s Solutions Support Telemedicine

Health Navigator, Inc., a telemedicine support organization, announced the availability of natural language processing with coded chiefcomplaints. This patent-pending solution allows a telehealth provider to transform patients’ presenting problems into one or more codified chief complaint with associated clinical priorities and ICD-9/ICD-10 codes. Differential diagnoses are presented to the health care provider for review and further discussion with the patient. The product is designed to front-end answering service, telemedicine, or call center operations to improve consistency and accuracy of documentation.

Dr. David Thompson, Health Navigator, Inc., CEO and product architect stated, “After several years of development and testing, I am very excited to bring this product to market allowing telehealth and other digital health companies to convert a narrative presenting complaint into data, that is, coded chief complaints. Not only will the Natural Language Processing engine improve consistent documentation and provide clinical decision support, the data can be used to front-end operational processes and initiate clinical pathways. In the age of big data this previously untapped data source can be used for reporting, quality improvement, and syndromic surveillance.”

For more information, contact Health Navigator, Inc. at 602-549-2583 or patty@stcc-triage.com.

[Posted by Peter Lyle DeHaan, PhD for AnswerStat magazine, a medical healthcare publication from Peter DeHaan Publishing Inc.]

Crowd Funded Cloud Based Solution for Storing, Accessing and Sharing Medical Imaging

Millions of medical images are wasted every year. For patients, this equates to higher costs and longer wait times for diagnosis. For doctors, it saps vital resources and is a source of frustration. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that more than 30% of medical images are lost every year.

How can we begin to stem this waste? Meet myMedImage, the brainchild of physicians already participating actively in the telemedicine coupled with the work of information technologists. The goal of the crowd funding campaign is to make access to this DICOM compliant PACS system free of charge to patients and participating physicians and plans, by raising $200,000 via a crowd funding campaign on IndieGogo.

The platform directly links supported patients (anywhere in the world) to primary care and specialty physicians through its unique medical imaging sharing and consultative network. The model ensures the highest quality, timely care for patients by maintaining the patient-physician contract.

The myMedImage service is offered to individuals, physicians, caregivers, hospitals, and governments globally, streamlining the entire medical imaging viewing process, while preventing unnecessary, wasted, and duplicate medical imaging.

[Posted by Peter Lyle DeHaan, PhD for AnswerStat magazine, a medical healthcare publication from Peter DeHaan Publishing Inc.]

Sykes Assistance Services Corporation Partners with Clinical Solutions Telehealth

Sykes Assistance Services Corporation (SASC), one of the top nurse telephone triage providers in the world, has partnered with Clinical Solutions to support its high-volume clinical contact centers. Since going live with Clinical Solutions’ IntefleCS Medical Contact Center software in November at its New Brunswick-based center, one of the company’s six telehealth contact centers, managers say they are now getting a better picture of what is truly happening with their staff and calls. “The system provides very good analytics so we have a better picture of what we are doing and we know more about what is going on with each call,” said Jim Murphy, SASC’s vice president of healthcare strategy and business development.

As one of the busiest telehealth centers in North America, SASC is a full service Telehealth service provider that manages tele-care and self-care programs on behalf of clients in both the private and public sectors. More than 300 registered nurses and counselors support callers twenty-four hours, seven days a week and support a population of an estimated 18 million people.

“Sykes chose the Inteflecs medical contact center solution to not only meet their needs today, but as a platform for future growth that will enable them to expand the number of services and value they bring to their existing customers,” noted Darin Southard, general manager for Clinical Solutions. Clinical Solutions supports the contact center team with its electronic nursing triage and clinical decision support application.

[Posted by Peter Lyle DeHaan, PhD for AnswerStat magazine, a medical healthcare publication from Peter DeHaan Publishing Inc.]

Critical Alert Systems Adds Key Staff

Critical Alert Systems recently welcomed three senior level hires, reflecting the company’s growth over the past eighteen months. Each position will be a key component in ensuring the success of CommonPath, the company’s flagship product that goes beyond traditional nurse call systems to serve as a unified backbone for all hospital communications.

Marc Rubinstein fills the newly created role of vice president of marketing, bringing twenty years of healthcare marketing experience to the company. Joseph Leger is the company’s new national sales director. Merle Delinger joins Critical Alert as clinical educator for the CommonPath nurse call system.

Critical Alert Systems provides healthcare communications technology solutions that help save lives and deliver faster, more efficient patient care to more than five hundred hospitals nationwide. The company’s software-driven CommonPath is the next generation of nurse call systems.

[Posted by Peter DeHaan for AnswerStat magazine, a medical healthcare publication from Peter DeHaan Publishing Inc.]

Solving Readmission Challenges through Post-Discharge Outreach

In October 2012, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services began penalizing hospitals with excessive readmissions. LibertyHealth, a New Jersey-based health system consisting of a 316 bed acute care facility and several ambulatory facilities, was penalized the full one percent, resulting in a significant loss in revenue. This penalty led Liberty’s leadership to seek a nurse advice system to help reduce readmissions.

Instead, they decided to implement RelayCare Readmission Management, a solution that generates alerts and tasks to prompt staff to follow up with patients on outstanding items that could contribute to readmissions. As a result, Liberty will have a proactive, rather than reactive, readmission management program via phone outreach.

[Posted by Peter Lyle DeHaan, PhD for AnswerStat magazine, a medical healthcare publication from Peter DeHaan Publishing Inc.]

Noble Systems Introduces Healthcare Solutions Group

Noble Systems Corporation, a provider of unified contact center technology solutions, announced the formation of a dedicated healthcare solutions group offering specific expertise and solution sets for integrated delivery networks, hospitals, regional health systems, and physician practice groups.

“As the industry shifts toward value-based care and a stronger focus on the patient experience, contact center capabilities are critical considerations,” said Greg Burkett, Vice President – Healthcare Solutions at Noble Systems. “A unified approach to patient contact management can transform the ROI picture for healthcare delivery leaders. That opportunity is driving our efforts and delivering results for care providers and organizations across the industry.”

Burkett has 20 years’ experience in a variety of leadership positions working with healthcare service providers. Led by Burkett, and comprised of technology specialists focused on the healthcare space, Noble’s healthcare solutions group will work with healthcare organizations to address pre-care and post-discharge patient communications and revenue cycle management.

Noble Systems’ healthcare solutions are designed to address the full spectrum of patient contact needs including patient scheduling, insurance verification, satisfaction surveys, accounts recovery, and related activities across the continuum of care.

Learn more at www.noblesys.com/industries/healthcare.aspx

[Posted by Peter Lyle DeHaan, PhD for AnswerStat magazine, a medical healthcare publication from Peter DeHaan Publishing Inc.]

TIA Files Comments on EPA Energy Star Program Requirements

The Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA), representing manufacturers and suppliers of high-tech communications networks, filed comments with the EPA in response to the draft program requirements for telephony. In addition to making several technical recommendations on applying the program to modern telephony, TIA commended the program’s outreach to industry to ensure the requirements of the Energy Star program evolve to reflect technology developments, while enabling companies to innovate best-in-class technologies.

“TIA members have long been supporters and participants in the Energy Star program,” said TIA president Grant Seiffert. “As a Standards Development Organization (SDO), TIA has seen first-hand how voluntary, market-driven standards lead to innovation in our industry. Energy Star has played a critical role in providing incentives for the innovation of energy efficient technologies in ways that mandates cannot.:

The comments also stated that TIA members greatly value the Energy Star certification and rely on this certification to market their products to retailers and consumers.

[Posted by Peter Lyle DeHaan, PhD for AnswerStat magazine, a medical healthcare publication from Peter DeHaan Publishing Inc.]

Telemed Introduces Mobile App for Messaging Convergence

Telemed Inc. introduced a mobile app with HIPAA compliant medical messaging convergence. Users can manage important medical messages with no HIPAA issues through the secure MyTeleMed app for iOS devices. The app notifies practitioners of patient requests, manages messages, and documents each step. The MyTeleMed service operators can contact users by email, text, or phone in the manner prescribed.

The MyTeleMed website and call center can help users build escalation procedures if a callback is not made within a pre-set time. Callbacks are documented with the time and duration of the call and provide an option to record the call.

A majority of HIPAA fines come from lost or stolen mobile devices with Personal Health Information (PHI) resident on the device. The MyTelemed mobile app solves that problem because the messages are stored on a secure server, not resident on the mobile device. This protects PHI and maintains HIPAA compliance.

The app is available from the Apple App Store for devices running iOS 4.0 or later; an Android app is planned.

[Posted by Peter Lyle DeHaan, PhD for AnswerStat magazine, a medical healthcare publication from Peter DeHaan Publishing Inc.]

Critical Alert Systems Acquires Intego Systems

Critical Alert Systems announced the acquisition of Intego Systems, a provider of nurse call systems since 1983. “Intego has set the standard for hospital nurse call systems, and their capabilities are a great fit with our established critical messaging services,” said Ed Meyercord, CEO of Critical Alert Systems. “This acquisition allows Critical Alert Systems to offer a more robust and fully integrated range of communications and critical messaging services to healthcare providers nationwide. And, we’re excited to work with the Intego team to extend the reach of their cutting edge products and services.”

Two hundred healthcare organizations rely on Intego to provide communications between their patients and hospital staff that can lead to faster response times, higher patient quality of care, and greater patient satisfaction.

Intego, which becomes a wholly owned subsidiary of Critical Alert Systems, will be called Intego Software, LLC and remain headquartered in Jacksonville, FL. Intego founder Charles Bell joins Critical Alert Systems as an equity partner and in the new role of chief strategy and business development officer. Ted McNaught will retain his title of president and COO at Critical Alert Systems and will have operating responsibility for Intego.

[Posted by Peter DeHaan for AnswerStat magazine, a medical healthcare publication from Peter DeHaan Publishing Inc.]

Acqueon Releases AiQ 4.0

Acqueon Technologies announced the release of AiQ 4.0, which offers new social media and mobile application features to improve the customer experience and an improved SIP engine to give contact centers greater support for telephony and web mashups. AiQ enables organizations to offer numerous communication channels in their contact centers including, social media, texting, and chat along with voice and email. A universal work assignment engine as opposed to the traditional skill-based routing used in legacy contact centers enables enterprises to service and route their customer interactions to the right resources based the context of their current and past interaction history. This version reduces the time callers need to wait to talk to an agent and enables them to continue an interaction with the same agent even if it was unexpectedly interrupted. Supervisor desktop applications join data reporting in a growing list of applications accessible via a range of mobile devices for supervisors outside of the traditional call center.

Acqueon provides solutions to the healthcare field with applications such as prescription refill, telemarketing to prospective clients, and collections, as well as helping with disease management and control emergency room visits and costs.

[Posted by Peter Lyle DeHaan, PhD for AnswerStat magazine, a medical healthcare publication from Peter DeHaan Publishing Inc.]