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Healthcare Contact Center Buyers Guide from AnswerStat

Here is AnswerStat’s 2020 Buyers Guide. When you contact a vendor, please let them know you heard about them from AnswerStat.

1Call, a division of Amtelco

1Call, a Division of Amtelco
4800 Curtin Dr
McFarland, WI, USA
Contact: Mike Friedel, vice president of sales, at 800-225-6035 or
Amtelco’s 1Call Division, formed in 1997, offers clinical communication solutions designed for healthcare organizations. Hospitals and clinics worldwide trust 1Call for their medical call center, answering service, on-call scheduling, call handling, secure messaging, voice processing, conference calling, and automated integration engine notification needs. 1Call’s complete line of modular solutions helps healthcare call centers eliminate errors to improve the patient experience and reduce operator training to save time and money. 1Call strives to be more than a vendor and encourages customers to work closely with their team of consultants and engineers through each phase of system planning, configuration, and implementation.

AAACN – American Academy of Ambulatory Care Nursing
East Holly Ave Box 56
Pitman, NJ, USA
Contact: or 800-262-6877
The American Academy of Ambulatory Care Nursing (AAACN) is a welcoming, unifying community for registered nurses in all ambulatory care settings. AAACN is your source for ambulatory care and telehealth nursing education and support, and provides the premier conference for ambulatory care and telehealth nurses each spring.

Ambs Call Center

Ambs Call Center
338 W Franklin St
Jackson, MI, USA
Contact: 800-968-1181 or
Ambs Call Center is a 24/7 medically based call center that offers turnkey solutions for medical practices and health systems. Ambs’ medical call center and nurse triage services offer a winning combination for any size organization. Additional services include medical answering service, physician referral, customer service surveys, appointment scheduling, class registration, and patient preregistration. Call for a live demonstration.

Ameridial, Inc
4535 Strausser St NW
North Canton, OH, USA
Contact: Craig J Vretas, vice president healthcare solutions, at 866-775-4755 or
Ameridial services include patient information verification, appointment scheduling, reminders, insurance verification, customer service, physician referral, clinical trial recruitment, class registration, healthcare exchange outreach, claim management/status, denial management, revenue recovery/billing, post-care patient surveys, lab/x-ray results outreach, patient retention outreach, provider recruitment, patient/provider communications, post-discharge follow-up, and population health management.

Call 4 Health
Boca Raton, FL, USA
Contact: Bryan Weinstein, VP business development and contracts, at 561-346-4848 or
Call 4 Health offers call center services exclusively to the healthcare industry. They provide virtual call center services and physician answering service for medical practices and hospitals. They also specialize in nurse triage service, physician referral service, disaster preparedness support, medical answering service, and appointment reminder notification.

Call Center Sales Pro
333 N Washington Ave #300
Minneapolis, MN 55401, USA
Contact: 800-901-7706 or
Call Center Sales Pro, a full-service healthcare call center consultancy, looks at the big picture for their clients. They cover operations, accounting, technology, customer service, and administration, plus sales and marketing. It’s no secret the healthcare industry is being pushed to accomplish more, to do it better, and to do it for less. This means more work, increased pressure, and lower reimbursement rates. Call Center Sales Pro is ready to help you navigate this ever-evolving reality for your call center. Achieve results-driven outcomes for your healthcare call center with Call Center Sales Pro.

Citra Health Solutions
10151 Deerwood Park Blvd, Bldg 300, Ste 110
Jacksonville, FL 32256
Contact: 855-427-0262
Citra Health Solutions delivers unique and comprehensive, technology-powered, people-driven solutions using an ecosystem approach with solutions that aggregate clinical, financial, and patient data from multiple sources to create a holistic perspective of a provider’s panel and individual patient touch points within the healthcare system. Serving over 22 million members across a national service and technology foundation, Citra has improved numerous organization’s core competencies while diminishing spending and improving clinical and financial outcomes.

LVM Systems logo

LVM Systems, Inc.
4262 E Florian Ave
Mesa, AZ 85206
Contact: 480-633-8200, ext. 286
LVM has over three decades of experience developing call center solutions for the healthcare call center industry. LVM’s current healthcare call center system provides software solutions to support both clinical and marketing functions. Clinically, they support nurse triage using Schmitt/Thompson guidelines, disease management, behavioral health, hospital/patient transfer, health information, and surveys. The marketing side provides physician referral, answering service, class registration, membership management, literature/brochure, cross marketing, marketing outreach, web-based messaging, contact/visit, and complaint management components of the software. Some organizations use both. All these components exist within the same software, enabling clients to use them throughout their healthcare organizations.

Pulsar360: strategic partners with the TAS industry

Pulsar360, Inc.
P.O. Box 319
Littleton, CO 80160
Contact: Contact: Bob Harrison at 480-800-4765 or
Pulsar360, Inc. has served the telecommunications requirements of SMB to enterprise business customers since 2001 and the medical call center industry since 2008. Pulsar360 services over 150 medical-centric answering services, meeting their special requirements, which includes, at no additional charge: 20% burstable trunking; SIP trunking, toll free number and national network redundancy; and an infinite number of automatic fail over alternatives.

Startel, Professional Teledata, and Alston Tascom
16 Goodyear, B-125
Irvine, CA, USA
Contact: the Startel sales team at or 800-782-7835.
Startel provides contact center solutions for healthcare organizations, including hospitals, providers, medical centers, HMOs, and medical telephone answering services, providing physicians messaging, main number answering, directory services, code alert, dispatch, appointment scheduling and reminders, on-call scheduling, secure messaging, and encrypted email. All solutions are HIPAA-, HITECH-, and HL7-compliant.


TriageLogic, LCC
8834 Goodby’s Executive Dr Ste 1
Jacksonville, FL, 32217
Contact: Amy Smith, sales manager, at 336-529-2493 or
The TriageLogic Group is a leader in wellness communication and engagement technology. Their goal is to improve access to healthcare and reduce cost by developing technology for businesses, providers, and patients. The technology is backed by high-quality nurses, doctors, and IT professionals. The company is URAC accredited, and it focuses on telehealth by integrating a blend of innovative communication solutions with medical expertise. Practical experience from the company’s nurses and doctors provides a thorough understanding of the field and allows for continuous innovation. As a result, TriageLogic has emerged as a leading provider of mobile applications for patient access and engagement and medical call center solutions. With customizable products, TriageLogic partners with private practices, hospitals, brokers, organizations, and corporations throughout the U.S. Today, the TriageLogic group serves over 9,000 physicians and covers over 18 million lives nationwide.

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