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Official Sponsors of AnswerStat Magazine

As official sponsors of AnswerStat, these industry-leading companies take the lead role in making AnswerStat possible, providing it to qualified industry members at no cost. We profusely thank these esteemed organizations and ask that you thank them for their ongoing support of AnswerStat:

LVM Systems, Inc.

LVM SystemsLVM Systems, Inc., an industry-leading organization, is an official sponsor of AnswerStat magazine, taking a lead role in making AnswerStat magazine possible.

LVM Systems develops and markets software and related Internet products exclusively for the healthcare call center industry. Their primary niche is solutions that support nurse triage, disease management, patient transfer and referral/marketing services, including consumer-centered Internet products. They have proudly served this market for 27 years and have hundreds of healthcare organizations as clients.  The company’s cornerstones are comprehensive software, outstanding customer support, and proven clinical content supported by Drs. Barton Schmitt and David Thompson. The LVM team also provides implementation services, on-site training, phone and remote-access support, network consultation, user conferences, customization of screens and custom reports. Contact LVM Systems at 480-633-8200.


TriageLogicTriageLogic is a leading provider of quality, affordable triage solutions, including comprehensive after-hours call center services and innovative online systems for use in both institutional and private practice settings.

In 2005, board certified pediatrician Ravi K. Raheja, MD and Charu Raheja, PhD, saw a need for accurate, reliable, cost-effective triage services in both hospital and private practice settings. After extensive research and investment in the development of proprietary triage software technology, they founded TriageLogic

TriageLogic is not just an IT company that sells healthcare software. TriageLogic is a healthcare company that creates leading-edge telephone medicine technology based on practical experience and a thorough understanding of the field. Whether a busy private practice in need of a phone triage system or a hospital seeking complete after-hours call center solutions, TriageLogic has a product to meet your needs.

1Call, a Division of Amtelco

1Call1Call, a Division of Amtelco, an industry-leading organization, is an official sponsor of AnswerStat magazine, taking a lead role in making AnswerStat magazine possible.

1Call is a developer of hospital call center, healthcare communications applications and emergency alert/ notification systems. 1Call call center technology includes: patient directories and HL7 integration, on-call scheduling, smart PC console, ACD, appointment scheduling, PDA applications, legacy system integration, and the 1Call Infinity system. Contact 1Call, a Division of Amtelco, at 800-356-9148, 608-838-4194, or email

Echo, a HealthStream Company

echo sponsor logoEcho, a HealthStream Company, combines two industry leaders; HealthLine Systems and Sy.Med Development. Echo delivers and supports comprehensive solutions for healthcare provider credentialing, privileging, enrollment, referral, onboarding, and analytics.

EchoAccess is an enterprise platform which powers healthcare contact center services, including physician referral, class registration and enrollment, telephone triage care, physician finder directories, patient surveys and solutions to reduce avoidable readmissions. EchoAccess streamlines access to care, bridges the transition from volume to value-based reimbursement, and delivers trust-building personal connections at the important first point of contact where hospital preference is frequently established. Learn more at or call 800-733-8737.


Teamhealth Medical Call CenterThe TeamHealth Medical Call Center (THMCC) is the premier provider of medical call center solutions, serving more than 9,500 physicians, health plans, home health and hospice organizations, and employers across the country.

As a division of TeamHealth Holdings, a 38 year-old physician-founded and led medical staffing organization with $3.7 billion in annual revenue, THMCC is a leader in reducing inappropriate or unnecessary utilization of healthcare resources, enhancing risk management, and increasing patient satisfaction, as well as promoting patient acquisition and generating referrals within a healthcare system. Their flexible services are designed to meet the unique needs and goals of clients’ healthcare system, making them a valuable client advisor. For additional information, visit or call 888-203-1118.

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